Mouthwash as Bruise Treatment?

May03 2011 - Bruising

Mouth WashA blog post on Lifehacker last week suggested that mouthwash is an effective home remedy for a number of ailments, including bruises.  While it is understandable that the antiseptic qualities of mouthwash could work on external scrapes and skin irritation, but we wonder how effective it would be in preventing bruises.

There are topical products, such as BruiseCare X8 Treatment Balm by SkinHealth Technology, that have been clinically tested to reduce the time it takes for a bruise to disappear.  Using arnica montana and other anti-inflammatory botanicals, this product works by helping the body reabsorb the blood that leaks out beneath the skin, whether from a blow, or from capillaries that are weakened by medications, sun damage, and skin aging.  The product also strengthens and conditions the skin, helping to restore the natural protective collagen cushion between the skin and the underlying tissue.

Perhaps applying mouthwash will help prevent bruises from forming after a bump.  Most households have it on hand and it can’t hurt to try.  But for real effectiveness, products that are formulated specifically to treat and prevent bruising will give better results for more chronic problems.

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