Can I Get Sunburn Through a Car Window?

Apr21 2011 - Sun Protection

Sunburn Car WindowNo, you cannot get burned from the sun through the glass of a car window.  However, that’s a simple answer to the wrong question.

A better question would be, “Can I get sun damage through a car window?”… The answer is, absolutely.

Although most windshields are made of laminated glass and screen nearly all ultraviolet light, the other windows, in a car, block only the UVB spectrum of sunlight. UVB are rays most responsible for causing redness and burning of the skin.

The UVA spectrum of light is not screened by the side or rear windows of a car. UVA is damaging to the skin in less obvious ways. These rays penetrate deeper into the dermis, but you can’t feel the effects. Some researchers believe UVA is more dangerous and most responsible for skin cancers.

A study last year by The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology showed that drivers were more likely to develop skin cancers on the left side of their face – the side most exposed when driving. Importantly, the incidence of malignant melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, was far greater on the left side than the right side of drivers in the study.¹

A sunscreen with high UVA protection is the best way to help prevent the long-term damage caused by UVA exposure.

UV SkinCare Facial Light Lotion Sunscreen is a new, dermatological formula that provides four-star UVA protection – the HIGHEST rating possible for UVA blocking. The 35 SPF lotion is 90% natural and has a light consistency that is perfect for daily use. Developed by SkinHealth Technology, LLC, the sunscreen is sold primarily in dermatologists’ offices.

1) The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

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